MODUL-100 Pad Printer


The microPrint MODUL-100 pad printing machine is available in all linear motor driven (MODUL-100LL) version or in "hybrid drive" version with linear motor and pneumatic controls. This amazingly fast modular designed pad print machinery was developed for high speed pad printing of custom logos on golf balls and for pad printing onto small medical devices.

These MODUL-100 pad printing presses can be ordered as either single color pad printing machines or they can be designed and built as multi-color pad printing work-stations outfitted with a central control system and single touch screen. We feature Beckhoff brand PLC controls which have become the new "world standard" in high end automations.

microPrint designed these compact MODUL-100 pad transfer printing machines to handle either 56mm or 70mm sealed ink cups.

By using linear motor technology these machine modules can provide you with electronic controlled printing plate adjustments (from the touch screen) vs. having to make mechanical X/Y plate adjustments. This technology saves a tremendous amount of set-up time and our customers are reaping the benefits everyday with greater efficiencies and more parts printed per shift.

To find out more about this amazing new pad printing technology contact us at (800) 300-DECO. Deco Tech is the exclusive North American distributor for microPrint pad printing machines which are precision crafted in Switzerland.