The RokuPrint RP 2.2 is a precision German built two-post universal screen printing machine that is DC motor driven and these screen printers provide extremely accurate and precise printing results. This medium format screen print press is perfectly suited for silk screening onto both flat objects and round objects alike and this precision screen press can be outfitted with a powerful vacuum table for screen printing onto flat plastic (Lexan) sheets or it can be outfitted with a rotary device to print on round objects like stainless steel coffee mugs and aluminum water bottles. The RokuPrint RP 2.2 screen printing equipment is outfitted with vertical screen lift that keeps the ink always in the "print zone" for trouble-free production and minimal downtime. The squeegee and floodbar are both quick change and require no tools to change and they can be remounted in the same exact location (by hitting an adjustable positive stop mechanism). The standard version of the RP 2.2 screenprint machines come with mechanical (Cam and Cam follower) squeegee and flood bar system and there is an optional Pneumatic version available for certain applications (required for round part printing).

  • Hand-held programmer with LCD display
  • Multi-language display
  • DC Motor driven system
  • Programmable off-contact positioning
  • Programmable print stroke length (optional)
  • Individual job memorization (up to 25 jobs)
  • No Tools - Quick change Squeegee & flood bar
  • Flat or round printing attachments
  • X/Y/R adjustment for part or screen frame