LC-6B Drying Conveyor
LC-6B Conveyor Dryer

Deco Tech provides solutions in UV pad printing with the model LC-6B bench top UV drying conveyor for pad printing applications which require the use of UV pad printing inks. This compact UV curing unit is perfectly suitable for your UV pad printing production needs and it can also be used in a lab environment for testing of UV adhesives, UV cured inks and UV coatings. The LC-6B UV curing unit can cure (dry) a variety of materials and substrates and is perfectly suited for UV curing inks on 3D injection molded parts that are up to 8-1/2" wide with an effective UV curing width up to 6" wide. The UV lamp and housing are fully adjustable to accommodate parts up to 3" in height.

Outfitted with a FUSION brand model F300 UV lamp system, the LC-6B offers an ideal UV ink curing system for small production parts and it features a unique and simple mechanism which allows the lamp to be rotated and set to various angles and furthermore it can be easily raised and lowered to vary its distance from the part.

The LC-6B uses air flowing though the open mesh belt to provide cooling and to help keep small sheets or small molded parts in place throughout the curing process. An internal exhaust blower assists with part cooling, and the one-piece molded cowling provides easy access to internal components for servicing.

In addition to the LC-6B there is a choice of 4 models and speed ranges from 0.3 feet to 250 feet per minute (0.1 to 75 m/min). The belt speed is displayed by a digital speed indicator on the front panel and is easily adjusted. Call our customer service department at (800) 300-DECO for more information on this innovative and compact UV conveyor system.