Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies

NEO-SOLV 114 Universal Ink Cleaner

NEO-SOLV 114 is our universal non-toxic, biodegradeable and drain safe ink cleaning solution that has a low VOC rating of just 422 grams/ Liter. In addition to working well in production, this clear and colorless liquid pad printing and screen printing cleaner also has a pleasant citrus scent. NEO-SOLV 114 is used for both screen print ink wash-up and pad printing machine parts clean up. This universal cleaner was developed exclusively for us by a leading chemical lab to meet our customers demanding needs. NEO-SOLV 114 is safe to use and it meets and exceeds California's standard (addendum to SCAQMD Rule 1171) for lower VOC cleaning products. The revised standard was effective 6/1/2002 with a VOC Limit of 750 grams per liter. NEO-SOLV 114 can be applied via; spray bottle, hand wiped with paper towels, or used in a washout tank. Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

Latex Gloves

Working with pad print or screen print ink is a messy business… but it doesn't really need to be that way. You can KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN ALL DAY by using our disposable latex work gloves. When cleaning up inks or working on press we highly recommend these work gloves to keep your hands clean - saving you time an saving your company money. They're completely powder-less because you don't want to contaminate your inks with any powder residue. These gloves are great for both set-up and cleanup and they're available in both medium and large sizes.

Ink Mixing Cups

"It wasn't easy to find the perfect ink mixing cups… but Deco Tech saved the day."

Having the right ink mixing cups is so important when preparing your inks for production. Uncoated cups like these are difficult to find. In most supply stores, these similar cups have been pre-printed with a design outside and wax coated on the inside.

OUR INK PREP CUPS DO NOT HAVE ANY WAX COATING that will migrate into your ink mixture and cause contamination and poor ink adhesion.

Competitively priced in packs of 50 in 8 & 16 ounce sizes.

Ink Stir Sticks

We have all the right tools for mixing your pad printing inks properly, quickly and without hassle. These wooden stir sticks are the perfect disposable tool for mixing your inks up, without any time consuming cleanup. The quality of wood is excellent (no splinters) and are priced right. Check us out… You'll see that we're cheaper than most local pharmacies. These stir sticks are available in 500 count boxes.

Color Coded Thinner Bottles

For premixing your thinners we offer the perfect PE squeeze bottles with a right angled dispensing nozzle to make your life easy… you can even squirt thinner directly into those tiny port holes found on many closed ink cups. We recommend that you blend your thinners prior to mixing them into your ink mixing cup. For example you may mix 80% thinner and 20% retarder or 70% thinner and 30% retarder - and just having the ability to quickly glance at the color coded top to know which thinner/retarder "recipe" you are using. Sold in three packs with red, yellow and blue nozzles.

INK-X-90 Ink Remover

STOP scrapping your misprinted parts!

If you've ever misprinted your plastic parts - you can stop throwing them away! INK-X-90 can turn those defective parts (wasted money, time and materials) back into usable/sellable parts.

INK-X-90 was specially formulated to remove ink from the surface of most plastic and printed parts. Many plastic substrates are compatible with INK-X-90 and spot tests are always recommended to ensure good results.

INK-X-90 works on many plastics which typically cannot be reclaimed such as; ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acetate and others. Give us a call to request a sample bottle or send us a sample of your disaster for us to test in our lab. INK-X-90 can be applied via a spray bottle or can be simply wiped onto the part and then the ink is removed (remember to always use proper safety equipment including latex or rubber gloves).

Wipe away your mistakes with INK-X-90. Available in Quarts and Gallon containers.

Cotton Tip Applicators

These industrial grade cotton swabs work great for removing stubborn ink from any nooks and crannies… great for cleaning up inkwells, closed cups and they fit easily down into tight spots. The long 6" length of these non-sterile applicators makes them easy to hold firmly and they are not flimsy like a normal cotton swab. Just dip the swab into some NEO-SOLV cleaner and keep those machine parts clean. These applicators are sold in 1,000 count boxes.