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Corona Conveyor Systems

SICATECH Automated Corona Pre-Treater

This is a DECO TECH built automated corona pre-treater with variable speed linear conveyer. This unit is safely guarded and it is outfitted with a carbon particle air filter/scrubber to remove ozone from the work place. The parts are manually placed onto the belt and the corona treatment begins automatically when the fiber optic sensor is activated. The system will automatically shut itself off when parts are no longer detected (controlled via a timer).

Product passing by the corona treating head to pre-treat the 3D part in the correct location. The pre-treatment of these nylon parts greatly increases the inks adhesion to these parts. Deco Tech fabricates corona treating systems to pre-treat virtually any flat or 3D surface.

Corona discharge unit and conveyor system controls.

This is a automated corona treating system from SICA TECH that is pre-treating a lancing device for blood glucose testing. The parts are corona treated prior to pad printing for high quality ink adhesion. These medical parts are completely corona treated 360° and the company logo is printed on the pens' spring clip.

Close up view of the SICA TECH LF Series corona heads pre-treating these medical parts at high production speeds.