Ink Color Matching

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Our experienced ink lab technicians can match any color you require for your production needs and we provide quick turn-around on all of our color matching services. Most color matches are completed within 24 to 48 hours (depending upon current workload). We provide our ink color matching service for a range of industries, such as; Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Cosmetic Packaging, ASI (Advertising Specialty Industries), Sporting Goods and Power Tool manufacturers… just to name a few. Our Printcolor brand inks have been specified and approved for printing on a great number of popular name brand products and Fortune 500 companies.

We utilize Computer Colorimeter matching techniques and we also match your pad printing inks color by eye (due to printing on dark or non-white substrates). We can match nearly any color that is listed in a number of Color Matching "systems", such as; PANTONE (Printcolor is licensed by Pantone), DICCOLOR, FOCOLTONE, TOYO and TRUMATCH. We can also provide you with a SPC (Statistical Process Control) print-out of your custom color parameters (L.A.B. values) for quality control purposes.

If you need technical help or further assistance, please call our Technical Service Department at (800) 300-3326.