Custom Decorating Decorated Tin At Deco Tech we provide custom printing services and decorating services for our clients. We specialize in pad printing and screen printing applications and we print on; injection molded parts, glass, ceramics, metal panels, plastic sheets and much more. So if you have flat, rounds or odd shaped items made out of plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood and such… give us a call to bid on printing your products.

Tech Support Technical Support Got a pad printing, screen printing or hot stamping machine that needs some TLC? Got problems making it run properly? We can help get that machine tuned-up, tooled-up and dialed-in and running properly! We can also provide individual or group training sessions at your facility or ours to train your operators in all aspects of pad printing, screen printing, digital printing and hot stamping/ heat transfer decal printing.

Ink Custom Color Matching Ink Color Matching In our ink lab we custom blend Printcolor brand inks and mix up small or large batches of screen printing and pad printing inks in custom Pantone colors or we can match our inks to any color swatch you provide. Furthermore we offer certifications for a variety of needs including: medical grade Class VI and various automotive industry specs for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Graphics Graphics Services You can count on Deco Tech to provide you, our valued customer with a whole host of graphic art services and we'll provide you with design services including; output of high-resolution 2,540dpi film positives (or negatives) for both pad printing and screen printing, dirty artwork clean-up (retracing), Cliché template and screen layouts, color separations for 4 color process screen or pad printing, artwork/ logo creation from a sketch or concept.

Screen Making Screen Making We specialize in manufacturing custom high quality silk screens and we offer full service screen making services. If you need complete imaged screens, stretched and glued screens or just pre-coated screens we can produce what you need and deliver them quickly. We also custom fabricate welded aluminum screen frames built to your exact size and specifications.

Fixtures & Tooling Fixture for Oakley We manufacture precision part holding or "nesting fixtures" for your pad printing and screen printing jobs. From our in-house machine shop we can custom build all of your part nesting fixtures and we provide fast turn-around. Whether you need one or multiple part holding fixtures we can build you the right tooling at the right price!

Custom Pad Design Custom Silicone Pads Got a strange shaped part that needs to be pad printed? If you've got to wrap graphics 360° around a tapered wall shower head bezel or divers compass bezel, or pad print down inside a deep pocket of an industrial electronic connector, Deco Tech is the right partner for developing your custom shaped silicone pads and nesting fixtures for your strange and unusual pad print application. In our proto-type machine shop we will manufacture a custom mold for your printing application and then build one or many custom shaped silicone transfer pads. Before shipping we can also test print to determine if the quality is acceptable (always recommended). We also provide artwork distortion services where we (pre) distort the artwork to facilitate the pad printing on super steep angles or to pad print into recessed areas down inside a part.

Cliché Etching Etched Clichés At Deco Tech we provide quality chemical etching services to manufacture printing plates or clichés as their known in the pad printing business sector and we fabricate them to your precise specifications. We manufacturer in-house both thin (0.5mm) and thick steel (10mm) pad print clichés in High Carbon Steel (with high chromium content for it's rust inhibiting characteristics) and Stainless Steel. We also can process and etch photo polymer short run clichés for you and our knowledgeable technical staff can train you on how to process and etch your own polymer clichés in-house with our XPOSE cliché exposure equipment.