The DECO TECH model DT-2040-T/V is a small format screen printing press that is outfitted with an integrated welded steel machine based.  The DT-2040 screen printing press also features a smooth operating pneumatic drive (for both vertical and horizontal strokes) and the silk screen frame is lifted straight up & down vertically, which keeps the ink right in the "print zone", making this a better solution vs. a clam shell style screen print press, where the ink will flow to the back edge of the screen frame out of the print zone.  Furthermore, this flat vertical screen lifting method allows the operator to easily view the parts being loaded and unloaded for superior visual inspection.  The DT-2040 small format screen printing machine is well suited for printing onto injection molded & Advertising Specialty items/ parts such as; cigarette lighters, ice scrapers, flying discs (aka Frisbee®), first aid kit boxes, Lexan® polycarbonate display boxes, plastic business cards, cigar boxes and much more. It is also perfectly suited for screen printing on industrial goods like; circular saw blades, chain saw guide bars, stamped metal panels (5U and Eurorack Synthesizer modules), guitar & instrument effects (FX) pedals, formed metal chassis, and various automotive exterior components. The horizontal printing axis is controlled via a rodless air cylinder and this screen printing press is quickly adjustable with 1/4 turn quick release stop blocks for setting the stroke lengths. The DT-2040 screen printing machine is furnished with an X/Y/R adjustable work table and features an OSHA approved E-Stop safety bar (Red bar as shown in photo) which is conveniently located just in front of the work area table.  This DECO TECH DT-2040 small format screen press is available in a “T” version (with Tee slots for quick fixture mounting) or in a “V” version (with Vacuum table).

  • Pneumatic controlled with shock absorbers
  • Vertical head lift with height adjustment
  • Integrated E-stop safety bar
  • X/Y/R positioning table with or without vacuum table
  • Linear ball bearings on hardened shafts
  • Adjustable squeegee angle and height
  • 200 x 370mm (7.87" x 14.57") print area
  • Regulated squeegee pressure with pressure gauge
  • Table top machine with adjustable levelers
  • Foot switch controlled