VISCOMATIC™ Ink Viscosity Control System

LCN-151 with VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity controlImproperly mixed inks; either too thin or too thick are a major cause of printing defects when pad printing. If you know the ins and outs pad printing already then you know that your operators can be hindered and frustrated when dealing with the ever changing viscosity of pad printing inks. If you don’t know pad printing very well, please understand this basic fact: Your printing results will change if the ink is either mixed too wet or too dry and the so called 'magic' of the pad printing process only works when the ink is “mixed just right". It is true that closed ink cups have reduced the frustration level for machine operators, but closed cups alone have not completely eliminated this ink mixing problem… until microPrint invented the VISCOMATIC™…

The VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system will automatically mix and monitor the inks viscosity without any "operator intelligence". All the technical workings are done right inside the microPrint closed ink cup and your operators no longer need to stop production every couple of hours to manually add thinner inside the ink cup. This need to manually adjust the ink and the subsequent loss of production time (around 20 to 40 minutes per shift) has been completely eliminated with the VISCOMATIC™ ink controls.

Here's how the microPrint VISCOMATIC™ works. This fully integrated ink viscosity control system will constantly monitor and automatically adjust the inks viscosity throughout the production run. Inside the cup, there is a direct driven propeller that constantly mixes the ink. This is done with an ingenious & simple to maintain motor driven system that gives constant viscosity data (feedback) to the on-board PLC.